Organizations require various insights to make important business decisions that affect its operations.
e Bridge prepares various reports to help you arrive at the best decision for your business.

E-Bridge prepares various kinds of report to provide management with a detailed understanding of their company figures. We provide businesses with insights that help them in their short term and long term business goals.

These reports may serve various stakeholders in an organizations right from shareholders who use it to understand how the business is performing, to investors, thus providing them with the basis of making an investment decision. We also do reporting for financial institutions like banks and lending companies, to help them decide whether to finance companies, finance expansions and other significant expenditures.

We use financial statements, management data, tax details etc. together with related information contained in various forms to create following reports:

  • MIS Reporting
  • Reporting for compliance – Tax Returns
  • Statutory Reporting
    • Financial Statement
    • Corporate Reporting
      • Governance Statements
      • Annual Report
      • Director’s Report
      • CSR Report
      • Environmental Reporting

And More…