E-Bridge Outsourcing

In this competitive world, businesses are looking for any advantage they can find over their competition; Reducing costs, increasing productivity and quality of service are just a few advantages that E-Bridge outsourcing helps our clients with. E-Bridge is a recognized leader in business process outsourcing (BPO). Our proposition is simple:

“We deliver value to our clients by bringing operational excellence and deep industry and functional knowledge to their critical business processes.”

Founded in 1995 in Ahmedabad, India. E-Bridge Outsourcing provides knowledge based professional services to businesses that require accurate information and expert guidance delivered on time. We provide full range of services from basic accounting and bookkeeping, reporting, full fledged payroll processing services, replacing and supporting internal accounts departments and all the way to complete accounting and taxation compliance services

Just a few of our employee credentials include Chartered Accountants (CA), Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK (ACCA), MBAs and administrative specialists with exposure in a plethora of industries.

Business processes have undergone tremendous changes and they are constantly changing. The level and speed of transformation have been stunning, and it appears that change will be the median in the future. E-Bridge delivers unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. We help companies to take strategic decisions and surge and stay competitive by providing them Management Information (MIS) and proper accounting of the business income and expenses.

We help our clients by maintaining their books and records and interfacing with management to help them meet their financial reporting requirements, thereby enabling them to focus on growing their businesses. We serve several industries, including construction, real estate energy, financial institutions, trading, professional services etc. We provide essential corporate functions such as finance and accounting, reporting (financial, corporate and management), human resources (payroll and benefits administration), research and analytics.

Finance and Accounts Outsourcing services are our core competencies. We combine our process expertise, information technology and analytical capabilities with operational insight derived from experience in diverse industries to provide a wide range of services.

‘Exceed Expectations’ … This is a way of life for us at E-Bridge Outsourcing Services India Private Limited.

Our Mission

“We strive to become the preferred professional service company for businesses by providing on time delivery of our high quality services using state of the art technology and strong knowledge base of our people. We adopt latest industry standards and employ knowledge and experience of our people to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation’s processes.”

We pride ourselves on the professionalism and knowledge of our people. We have acquired our knowledge and polished our business acumen by working with clients from varied industry. We value our clients and it shows in the quality of work we do.

We provide knowledge based professional services to businesses that require accurate information and expert guidance delivered on time. We primarily focus on bringing a systematic and diplomatic approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our client’s process. We understand how important ‘time’ is for businesses to get that edge over everyone else. To give our clients that competitive edge, we follow a strict process of on time delivery with high quality service.

Our Vision

“To use our experience and expertise to be a leading provider of knowledge based professional services to organisations”

In the competitive market today successful businesses demand decisions made at the right time based on accurate understanding of the industry. For this the most important tool is delivery of services on time with minimal hassle coupled with the knowledge and understanding of the market. We ensure that our clients get the information they need, when they need it.

We provide business solutions based on our extensive knowledge of the industry to help our clients succeed. We aim to become the most effective knowledge provider for the industry to help with the growth of our clients as well as us.

Values & Culture

  • Quality: We believe that its quality of work defines an organization. We want to be known as a company that stands by quality, and it shows in everything we do.
  • Simplicity: We believe in simplicity of information. We believe in simplifying complex ideas and helping our clients make sense of them.
  • Trust: We believe that by selecting us, our clients have placed a lot of trust in us. We feel privileged for the confidence and we reciprocate it by honoring that trust.
  • Timeliness: We believe that to gain edge in the industry, businesses have to make right decisions at the right time. To help our clients do that we ensure on time delivery of information and services.
  • Business Competence: We believe that to be efficient in business you need to be qualified and up to date with the industry. We have people who work on various businesses and we pride ourselves on their knowledge and competence.